Brand - Managing Perception

A brand is not just a logo or a corporate identity. A wise man once said that your brand is simply what “they” think about “you.” Branding or Brand Design is the act of managing the perception of what “they” think and feel within your brand’s experience.

The design of a brand is established through a set of visual principles and elements that communicate a set of values of a company to its audience. Branding is what guides the design, creative direction and overall decision-making of a company: It’s the act of defining who we are as a collaborative company.

Logo Mania

Beyond the craft. Logos need to reflect a client’s dreams and vision for their brand’s future expansion. The aspirational nature makes voices come to life with every small design, reflecting a personality in every mindset.

Brand Strategy

Process overview of brand design works in progress for a non-profit networking program


A System-based Approach

Today's multimedia environment requires a graphical system of branding elements that can be rearranged, redefined and remixed to work in any medium in the world. It's about establishing a visual language to express yourself and communicate comfortably with your audience.


SAFEchild Brand Refresh

Making stuff is cool but making a difference is way cooler. An opportunity to lend my skills to an organization that has great goals and a true purpose is an opportunity I'll take every time.


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