Creative Direction - Coach, Plan & Execute.

Creative Direction is a flexible title that can take many different shapes based on the team/organization you work for/with. Ultimately it means that you are responsible for the end creative output of a project/team.

While serving as the "Creative Director - Marketing" for Peter Millar, we Implemented internal creative workflows & staffing structures to create a multi-media creative studio. Whether leading a marketing meeting in the office or directing a large crew on a location for a seasonal shoot, the goal remained the same: maximize the budget, time, and team to produce the best creative for the brand, even if that means flying a drone or shooting the shot yourself.

Demo Reel - Video Production

One of my biggest points of pride during my time with Peter Millar was introducing my D.I.Y. video production tactics to the companies existing & new shoots. The cost of quality video tools has come down significantly in the last few years; this combined with a specific ideology and creative approach, allows a single person or a small team to create video content on par with the high expectations of the luxury fashion world.

Product & Model Photography

The Compostion, styling, backgrounds & more all come together to tell a story. Wether shooting in natural light or staging a studio shot it's all about framing the product.


Campaign Based Approach

When your content is extended across a growing number of platforms and produced in multiple mediums creating content within an overarching campaign in mind ensures consistent messaging and branding.


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