Graphic Design - The Foundation

Photoshop is where it all began for me. Learning to manipulate images led me to explore layout concepts, which drove me to gain an understanding of information hierarchy and general types of management.

To me, designs are rooted in remixes. It’s the ability to redefine existing content like words, colors, shapes and photos into a new cohesive form that reintroduces the topic of the design to the consumer or customer. It could be just a visual exercise in expressing something that excites someone enough to care… it’s up to you to choose.

Calendar Design

Custom layout design in collaboration with &

LCA Editorial

PG&G Magazine - C&C Covers
I jumped straight out of school into a role that involved heavy editorial designs. Whether it was redesigning the PDF-based monthly magazine or creating an entirely new approach for the foundation’s V.I.P. Donor Mailer, this was my introduction to tight deadlines, version control, print proofing and content marketing.

Event Flyers


While living in Indianapolis, I found myself collaborating with an impressive creative culture and local music scene. Flyers let me experiment with new techniques and styles.


Member Kit

Lambda Chi wanted to create more excitement around the day you receive your initial welcome to the International Fraternity. We designed a packaging solution that acted as a welcome kit in collaboration with &

Unlikely Reunions

Incredibly talented photographers make book designing a lot easier, even taking it to the next level. Creative mentorship from &

Design Over The Years

From non-profit to e-commerce, designs are always about understanding an audience and trying to speak in a common language that creates the desired impression.

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