Web Design - The Battle for Screen Attention

Being a project-based web designer means you’re the field general in a visual war for the user's attention. As attention spans decrease and the number of brands using the web as a business platform grows, getting a user to interact with an online experience grows increasingly difficult. Getting the attention your brand needs demands a balance of hype-beast-like cool factors paired with a genuine concern and care for users as they navigate the hierarchy of your online experience.

Pieces, Parts, Mockups, Custom UI, WordPress Customization and more.

WordPress as a Branding Tool

WordPress is the perfect CMS/Web Platform for those with moderate budgets. Saving budget typically spent on a framework allows brands to focus their moola on the designs and media content within the site and let the visuals carry the experience.


Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most exciting field I have worked on in the web design world. A properly designed single page experience activates a user and measures it with visual heat maps and click patterns for optimization over time.


Design System

While working with the Lambda Chi Alpha brand, I was tasked with designing a visual language that could help reshape their digital brand and website platform.

These images reflect a series of templates and samples for a web refresh.


Site updates, A/B tests, heat-map explorations and constant iterations. The world of e-commerce is all about consistently tweaking your approach and refining the customer's journey over time to provide a sense of comfort for your shoppers’ experience.

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